Sexy Socks Ad Campaign

International fashion brands seem to always take centre stage in the many western stores that occupy our malls and shopping centres nowadays. However, it is always good to see a local diamond in the rough glimmering brightly. Dave Hutchison’s initiative and company, Sexy Socks, is such a diamond, and it is not only adding localised style to the feet of the privileged but also the disenfranchised.

Sexy Socks are a brand that has aimed to create fresh, playful and of course sexy designs for their socks that they manufacture and sell to the South African public, and with each pair of the socks bought, a pair goes to underprivileged school children from township schools. This social entrepreneurship is seeing ten thousands of school socks being distributed to school children each year, it is making a big difference to the feet of the future.

I was briefed by Vega School to do several campaigns for this brand, and I have come with many advertisements that aim to emulate the versatility of the socks’ sexiness, as well as to emphasise how each pair of socks design unique, iconic and has a personality of its own. Many of the designs, if not all, were self-invented but most were motivated by some of the current Sexy Sock designs.

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